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Nowadays, with the fast development of technology, we can see that China’s economics developed very quickly. China has made big economic achievements in many aspects.
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China is the world’s second largest economy.  We have a market of more than 1.3 billion consumers who live on the land of over 9.6 million square kilometers. To use a metaphor, the Chinese economy is not a pond, but an ocean.

The Chinese economy is now on the whole stable and making good progress. Judged by the main economic indexes, from GDP growth, job creation, consumer prices and international balance of payment to companies’ profit margins, government fiscal revenue and productivity, China’s economy is truly performing well within the reasonable range.

Compared with other major economies, China still ranks among the world’s top in terms of GDP growth.

TRUST-STONE International Trade Company Limited

Peace and development have become the theme of world. Our country’s international status keeps on improving, and we make great influences on the world economy. Joining in the WTO, our economic policies control the breath of world. Successfully holding the Olympic games and the world EXPO make the world give us more attention and respect.

As long as we have strategic confidence, deepen reform and opening-up across the board, intensify supply-side structural reforms and make greater efforts to solve outstanding problems, then the Chinese economy will surely make a quicker transition to high-quality development, the Chinese people will surely overcome all challenges coming our way, and China will surely embrace a brighter future of development.

In a word,
 Chinese economic develops at an amazing speed and has made encouraging breakthroughs.
 We believe that the tomorrow of our economy will be brighter as long as we try our best effort.